IAN Construction Company News

  • IAN received 28th Annual Excellence in Construction Awards, California

  • IAN First Time AQC Award Winner For Guam 2016

  • IAN is awarded 8(a) MACC Contract

We make the Future Better!

A Guam General Contractor since 2005, IAN Construction (“IAN”) offers both comprehensive, in-house construction expertise (managers, supervisors and skilled trades people with experience in all areas of construction) and company-owned construction equipment. We take pride in our ability to quickly and flexibly mobilize personnel, equipment and materials in emergency situations, or when our customers require fast, committed, customer service.
IAN believes in its people. We provide our employees with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, to develop their skills and qualifications, and to build careers in the construction industry. If a construction industry career is your goal, you will find working for IAN a rewarding experience. Don’t wait - register your interest with us today.

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“IAN Construction understands that time is money, and works efficiently and effectively to deliver a quality project each and every time.”  
– Bill Suzuki, SRM Manager, DZSP 21